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;; i am the patron saint of lost causes
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.turn it up
and here we go again. lol.

I think this journal will be officially closed. that's right, folks. I won't post a tl;dr post... i'm just going to say thank you all for staying with me. Some ppl might have think i take my flist for granted... thing is i don't check lj as much right now, i'm mostly on twitter and facebook. Even my tumblr dieded (rip, bb). Hell, i even forgot my plurk username and password... (zomg how many karmas must i have accumulated over these past several months...). I find it extremely overwhelming these days to keep up and i have decided...

it's freaking time.

I will still use this account to stalk communities like ontd, omntd, armtd, icon communities, etc. But I will no longer post any entries. Feel free to un-friend me, and for those who have my twitter, you will still see me around. :') Again, thanks for everything, and i'm deeply sorry for the failure in my part... (pfft 12985172983 entries in a year, my ass, cyn. =___= y u fail so hard tho)

So long now!
04 20 10 - .70
Hey peeps!

Life's been busy as always but good. I have three projects due this end of quarter and so far, only one project has been in progress. The rest... lol can't say much about them really because I haven't started. ):  So many revised proposals and papers due these few weeks and midterms are making my life so much worse. I wish we can have way more than 24 hours a day (if only...) But then again, it's partly my fault; I am a huge procrastinator and I play hard (aka I am lazyyyy) ): but what to do really. I can only try my best to meet all the deadlines (which I've never failed to do at least).

So anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SAK!!! :') feels great to be the age you are right now eh? XD Make lots of wishes, you! and I can't wait to see you this summer holiday when I get back :) <3 <3 <3

On another note, I have watched How To Train Your Dragon five times (twice in IMAX 3D, twice in regular theatre, once online). Lol... boy, the wonders of an obsession. :) Yeps. I freaking love the movie. Have yet to read the book but I eventually will one day. For now, the movie alone does the magic for me. It's that awesome. prz watch it, those who haven't.

Sigh.... despite all the happy things going on, my life is seriously, very boring now that I think about it...... :/
04 02 10 - .69
lol. okay. The rate at which I post entries in LJ declines. :D ahahaha.

Well, been hectic these past few weeks but not because of school in case you guys are wondering. Last week was my spring break and instead of working (lol), I went out with friends to have a road trip to Kirkland an Portland. Felt really good. The weather was gorgeous too last week, though it got screwed again this week (holy crap, it was 59 F last week and now, it's down to 46 F???...).

School started all over again this Monday, and well, so far everything goes well. Hopefully I am lucky again this time round. Thought I flunked my math modeling course last quarter, thank God it was not that bad (it was shockingly... good) so I felt so damn relieved. One last modeling programming course and I am freaking done with it.

On a brighter note, KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA. XD Dammit. I want Misaki's voice to be manlier (or more tsundere-like), though... also.. why can't they get tomokazu sugita to play Usui just like in drama CD... T__T sobs. Usui's voice in drama CD is like... so perfecttttt <3. So personally I enjoy the voice actors in the drama cd more... but well since there is an anime to it already XD I can't complain hiyyaaa usui<3.

ah well. brb doing resumes for summer interns. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip of izaya's secretly pedo for nadeko love circulation.

03 20 10 - .68
.turn it up
Finals week. It's officially over. HUZZAH!

Stuff that I have started watching: Bakemonogatari (so. damn. awesome. omfg), durarara (moeeeeeee), Code Blue season 2 (pi!).
oh and I'm looking forward to lee minho's new drama. XD

... lol sak, if you ever saw this entry, XD please comment.

and my sister is playing lady gaga's Telephone on loop, my head hurts so much lol. Damn catchy song though.

anyway, i shall just put this here. :D

03 14 10 - .68
I need to start panicking. 

I've two finals tomorrow. >_< crap, I shouldn't even be doing this.

but but, my friend showed me bad apple, and I got hooked immediately....

I am very amused. in a good way, of course....

okay, brb studying now.
03 13 10 - .67
// sky is the limit
Let see. When was the last time I posted something on m lj.


Even I couldn't remember, until I checked the date of my last entry before this 67th entry. 2009-06-25. oh wow.

I used to be really active in lj though. It all started back in... I guess, 2006...I used a different lj than this one. And then, for some reason, I changed lj account, and moved to sunberri . And in mid 2008, I went for hiatus (a RLY long one at that) and never posted anything until that last previous post. An then, for about...a year (about 9 months to be exact), I went MIA again....

I have been trying to keep up, and most of the time, if I go to lj, I just stalk fandom and graphic communities. Somehow, I was just too lazy to post anything because really, I didn't have anything to post. If I were to write one, it'd be probably just about me, angsty-ing and emo-ing about work and school, (and my goddamn CS professor). Yea, yea, I get it. you guys hate the emo. might as well point a gun in my head while you're at it. ):

"You probably don't remember me anymore."

For my online lj friends, well, that's not entirely true. I still remember umei  my awesome husbando, and gravira (whose LJ I used to spam alot. like ALOT.) and endou (whom I <3 for her alsgkjhaskjhd super adorable icons) and my daughter (I think she has changed her username... She changes her username pretty often so... D: I'm sorry if I can't spot you from my f-list. If you know who you are, please tell me if you'd like. :D) and my brera twin allying (oh man... I love her so much. She's pretty much one of my best lj friends <333) and frappetique (my fellow-Indon-lj user. :DDD) Damn it, I realized just how much I have missed the old times.

Well, these past months, getting into uni, studying like hell (whether I like it or not), meeting new people, making new friends... have made me realize a lot of things as well. I am very active in facebook though (something I can never find any reasoning for...) and twitter at times. Not so much on LJ (uhh... maybe too much).

Oh, and I think, KPS (aka K-Pop Syndrome) pretty much got me, thanks to the obsessed kpop fangirls and fanboys over here. (yea, 90% of my RL friends now are into kpop, it's crazy). So, really, it's hard to not jump into the bandwagon.

I shall add a new resolution to my "2010 year resolution list"... that is, to have at least 100 entries by the end of year. (and I shall not lock them)

This is the 67th entry. 33 more entries to go. oh, and I can't be bothered to put all this under a cut. ha ha ha.
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